With admission to top universities becoming ever more competitive, it is essential that students make good use of their long Summer holiday by doing work experience or attending a course that will help convince admission tutors how committed they are to their prospective course of study.

This summer Shevangi Sadesh Kumar and Dilroshini Karunaratne attended two-week programmes run by Oxford Summer Courses at St. Peter’s College, Oxford in Biology and Medicine, respectively. The course included seminars and workshops run by Oxford tutors and D. Phil students at the University Science buildings. The students also had to write two essays which were marked by their lecturers and then discussed with them in one-on-one tutorials. As well as this, they had the opportunity to live in an Oxford college, explore the city and university, meet other students from all around the world and gain a valuable insight into what an Oxford education would be like. There were also organised trips to Windsor Castle, a Shakespeare play, a night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall and the main London museums.

Shevangi says ‘I really enjoyed the Summer course at Oxford because it was not only fun but very educational and also helped me choose which college I would like to apply to.’

Maduni Wickramasinghe used her holiday to go to Harvard as part of the Sri Lankan delegation to the Future World Leaders summit there. The camp involved an extensive programme of activities, from lectures on leadership to outdoor team-building activities and was attended by 300 students from all over the world.

Maduni says ‘Overall it was an amazing week which helped me to identify and enhance my leadership skills.  The experience of campus life has given me the confidence I needed to travel unaccompanied, live alone and study abroad.’

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