The Performing and Creative Arts

From a very young age our students are encouraged to participate in our Performing and creative Arts Programme and in so doing they develop both their talents and their confidence. There are very popular and successful programmes in Singing, Instrumental Music, Dance, Drama, Mime, Debating and Art.

There are daily assemblies at both schools and students get regular practice speaking into a mic and performing in front of an audience.

There are Inter House Competitions in the Senior School in Music and Dance, Drama, Debating, MUN and General Knowledge, Art, Design and Media, and hopefully soon in Film. This enables the teachers to find new talent for auditions for interschool events and public performances.

The Junior School also has some other Clubs such as Computer, Cookery, Design and Technology, ‘Just for Fun’, Media and Needlework.


Drama is an extremely popular activity at Elizabeth Moir School. We have numerous talented actors and actresses in both Junior and Senior Schools. They try out their skills in the classes and clubs and they all get the opportunity of performing at assemblies and the younger ones also at the Annual Junior School Concert.

When it is time for auditions for the annual Junior School Play and the Senior School Plays or Musicals which happen every other year there is a long line of ever hopeful students.

Our productions are usually staged at the Lionel Wendt Theatre which is probably the best theatre in Colombo with excellent acoustics. And they perform not only for their parents, but also in some instances for discerning Colombo audiences who often come back with rave reviews.

Outstanding recent productions include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Butterfly Shoes, Bluebeard and 1001 Nights for the Juniors, the Crucible, A Few Good Men, Antigone, the Ramayana andWhose Life is it Anyway for the Seniors, and Musicals, sometimes with both Juniors and Seniors such as Annie, Oliver and Footloose.

All students in the Junior School and also in the Senior School up to the end of Form 3 have Art on their Time Tables once a week. Some Students opt to do Art for IGCSE and not only do they get some outstanding results (often A* but also one student with 100% and the World Prize), but they also provide the most amazing artwork which we use to adorn our walls around the school. We also have Art Clubs and annual Art Exhibitions for both Junior School and senior School. Students interested in careers in Architecture, Interior Design or Fashion Design can start their portfolios at Art Club.

Music and Dance

Our Choirs at both the Junior and Senior Schools are among the best in the country and they train very seriously. The Senior Choir is invited to perform each year at the Royal College Festival; and for the Edexcel awards at the BMICH. In 2016 they will perform in the South Asia Choir Festival which is to be held in Colombo.

Every other year the Senior Choir is joined by the Infant and Junior Choirs for Carols at School with the Chamber Choirs of Royal and Trinity performing to a large group of school families and well wishers.

We have several very talented instrumentalists who play in the National Orchestra and in the National Youth Orchestra. This enables us to have live music for our Musicals and Carols. Some of our students take Music for Advanced Level and sit the LRAM and LRSM examinations

We have regular talent contests to discover new talent. Kareshma Ravichandran who sings in Tamil for the Tamil movie industry and who has a following of 16 million on you tube, is one of our current Prefects. She is an inspiration to all our students who love to perform.

One of our former Prefects studied Dance in London and came back to run the first Academy of Dance in Colombo. She provides us with very talented young teachers for our Dance Clubs. Our students enjoy an eclectic mix of dance styles from Hip Hop, Kandyan, Bharata Natyam, Baila, Rock and Roll, and Ballroom to Ballet.


In the Senior School Debating Club, members learn to speak confidently and persuasively on any topic to convince an audience of their proposition through the force of their argument, the depth of their supporting evidence and the style of their delivery. Both the Middle and Senior School Inter House Debating Competitions are impromptu, emphasizing the importance of students being able to think on their feet and developing independent ideas without always depending on the internet for research. We organize and are invited to debating competitions with many of the National Schools in Colombo.

We send a large delegation to the annual Colombo Model United Nations, which is attended by hundreds of students both from Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries. Students gain invaluable insight into how diplomacy works as well as learning more about major issues facing the world and practising their debating skills. Several of our students have also been chosen to chair committees. We have also started participating in the newer Sri Lanka Model United Nations and rapidly established ourselves as key players at the conference, with a large number of our students having important roles in the organising committee.

We encourage all students throughout the school to read student and adult newspapers to keep up with their General Knowledge. We have inter House Quizzes and also send our teams for Inter School Quizzes.

Other Activities


Computer Club builds on the work done in IT lessons to show how computers can be both fun and educational. Members play games, produce newsletters and posters, and create presentations.


Cookery Club members have the chance to create simple dishes and learn the skills of chopping, baking, measuring, frying, boiling and, of course, eating!

Design and Technology

In this Club, students learn to plan and pick the right materials to create high-tech structures.

'Just for Fun'

Just For Fun Club is open to students from KG2 and provides them with an introduction to club activities.


Members of the Media Club analyse movies, review books and learn to write creatively.


Needlework is the perfect Club for children who enjoy practical craft activities. Members are introduced to basic needlework stitches including running, chain, cross and blanket stitch, and compile a stitch scrap book. Once the basic stitches have been learnt, students use their knowledge to decorate items like pillowcases, aprons, art bags and rag dolls.