Moir Students Win 6 World Prizes

Our students won an exceptional fifteen awards at the 2012 Edexcel High Achievers’ Awards Ceremony held on 26th November, including three awards for obtaining the best overall results in Sri Lanka.  Khyla Muzni won the award for the best IGCSE results based on the highest average mark while Zainab Adamaly and Vinu Samarasekera shared the award for the most A* grades at IGCSE in 2012.  Zacky Muzni and Nimesha Perera were also two out of only nine students to gain 4 A* grades at A Level.

In addition, our students won an incredible six IGCSE World Prizes. Gwang Hoon Lee won for both Mathematics and Further Pure Mathematics, and Khyla Muzni in both Biology and History.  Diyath Pieris won the award for English Language, the fourth time one of our students has won the World Prize in English in recent years. Amanda Portier had also been awarded the High Achievement award for the top mark in Sri Lanka in IGCSE Dutch by Cambridge exams in their Awards Ceremony held earlier in the month.  World Prizes are awarded to the students who gain the highest mark in Sri Lanka, if the mark is also one of the top ten in the world.  Given that almost 15,000 students from all around the world sat the Biology paper, for example, this is an outstanding achievement.

Best Results in Sri Lanka

Khyla Muzni                      Best IGCSE Results (Highest Average)
Zainab Adamaly              Best IGCSE Results (Most A* grades)
Vinu Samarasekera         Best IGCSE Results (Most A* grades)

World Prizes

Gwang Hoon Lee               Mathematics        99%    (2nd in world)
Further Pure Maths    97%    (5th in world)
Khyla Muzni                  Biology        97%    (5th in world)
History        98%    (3rd in world)
Amada Portier            Dutch
Diyath    Pieris             English Language    93%    (5th in world)

A Level

Zacky Muzni            4 A*
Nimesha Perera        4 A*


Khyla Muzni            10 A*
Zainab Adamaly         9 A*
Vinu Samarasekera      9 A*
Amber Nomani           8 A*
Hana Rajap            8 A*

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