Inter House Music


The hottest tickets in town in January were for the Senior School Inter House Music competition. As ever, the audience was treated to a very wide range of music, from Bach to Jessie J!

Dance Club President, Amar Riyaz, was a very popular winner of the Solo Dance competition, having narrowly missed out on winning for the past three years. This year his brilliantly original and highly entertaining routine meant there was no stopping him.

Although the dancing is normally the crowd favourite, it was the quality of the singing that really stood out this year. The House Choirs had set the standard for the entire night but the Solo Singing raised the bar even higher, with all four singers producing stunning performances. It also provided a change of pace from the modern pop music that had dominated up to that point with two of the singers choosing jazz classics, one from as far back as the 1930s.

The judge’s lengthy deliberation reflected how difficult it was to separate the singers and eventually there were joint winners: Francesca Mudannayake, for her characteristically soulful rendition of My Funny Valentine; and Nuha Bazeer, for her very clever, highly original and hugely successful down-tempo adaptation of You’re the One That I Want from the musical Grease. One is among the most experienced singers in the school, having sung solos in numerous concerts; the other had never sung alone on stage before in her life. This is what Inter House Music is all about: giving opportunities to everyone, finding new talent, and brilliant performances.

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