Encouraging Independent Thinking

ElizabethMoirSchoolhas a progressive international curriculum that blends new and innovative ways of learning with a traditional focus on basic skills such as grammar and arithmetic. With students fromChina,India,Koreaand elsewhere setting ever higher standards and entrance to top universities becoming more and more competitive, our unique approach ensures we stay at the forefront of modern educational practice. We appreciate that our students need to go beyond the expectations of the IGCSE and A Level courses, to develop their own interests outside the syllabus and to learn to work independently.

This term we have piloted new end-of-term assessments instead of examinations with Form 3. The aim has been to challenge students to think for themselves by working on an extended piece of work and drawing conclusions from their own research, experiments and fieldwork. This has involved them investigating subjects as diverse as the mechanics of helicopters and the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

We have also introduced a new Essay Prize in theSeniorSchool, based on a competitive examination. Over 40 top students entered the competition in February and had to write essays on questions such as:

‘The 20th century was the century of physics; the 21st century will be the century of biology.’ Discuss.
How far do you agree that the prospect of a 3rd World War is now unthinkable?
Is it immoral to buy a $10,000 handbag?

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