The Senior School’s concert, Boardwalk, had the hottest tickets in town in October with both nights playing to packed houses. The show was based around music and dance from different movie genres such as Westerns, and Disney and James Bond films. The cutting-edge ‘mash-ups’ were a particular highlight of the music, giving much-loved Hollywood classics like ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ a new twist and more contemporary feel. The dancing was equally varied and original, ranging from a cheerleading routine in the High School section to luminous spacemen ‘Popping’ and ‘Locking’ in the Science Fiction section.

As ever, the concert was entirely organised by the students, who were responsible for everything from choosing the theme and songs to choreographing the dances and designing the poster and programme. Over half the Senior School students were involved in the production in some way with seventy-five appearing on stage. Congratulations, in particular, to Co-Producers and Directors Shamira Ghouse, Dilroshini Karunaratne and Avishka Mendis.

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