Best Ever A Level Results in Sri Lanka

Six of our A Level students have gained 4 or more A* grades, which is the highest ever total from a school in Sri Lanka. Given that most schools enter far more students, this is a truly remarkable achievement. Overall, an incredible 38% of all papers were graded A*, which is higher than any international school in the world has ever achieved, narrowly ahead of our old rival Dubai College in 2013. It ranks us among the very top private schools in the UK, ahead of famous public schools such as Rugby and Wellington, leading girls’ schools like St. Mary’s Ascot, Benenden and Cheltenham Ladies’ College and top day schools like Hampton and Godolphin and Latymer in London. Over a quarter of our candidates achieved 3 or more A* grades, which is more than at Wycombe Abbey, ranked 2nd in the A Level league tables in the UK.

Jananan Mithrakumar and Sanush Nukshan became our first students to achieve 5 A* grades. Sanush also scored 100% in Chemistry so will receive the Edexcel World Prize as well. Overall, well over 60% of papers were graded A* or A, and more than three quarters of our students gained at least one A grade, enabling them to gain admission to top universities around the world.

Jananan Mithrakumar 5 A*
Sanush Nukshan 5 A*
Ryan De Silva 4 A*
Ishrath Irshadeen 4 A*
Afdhal Saheed 4 A*
Rakulan Sothinathan 4 A*
Nathasha Bogoda 3 A*
Steffan Paul 3 A*
Dulanga Jayawardena 3 A*
Sachin Shashidharan 2 A* 3A
Senitha Wanigasinghe 2 A* 2A
Kathleen Renker 2 A* 2B
Safia Kariapper 1 A* 2A
Aadam Saheed 1 A* 2A
Keshawa Wijeyawardena 4 A
Ifadha Sifar 3 A


2015 was also a record-breaking year for our IGCSE students. Nineteen out of thirty students gained 7 or more A grades, which is our highest ever and an exceptional achievement. Overall, a record 79% of all papers were graded A* or A and 94% A*-B, which is testimony to the brilliant results of the entire class. Special congratulations to Sikhandi Thiagarajah and Ahmed Azmeer, who both gained 8 A* grades, and Young Eun Shin for scoring 100% in Art.

Sikhandi Thiagarajah 8A*  2A
Ahmed Azmeer 8A*  1A
Jithvan Ariyaratne 7A*  3A
Shenali Lokubalasuriya 7A*  3A
Alma Abdulla 7A*  2A
Hilya Hafeez 6A*  2A
Zara Sanderson 5A*  4A
Nur Shamun 5A*  4A
Khalid Fazlee 5A*  3A
Mariam Hassan 5A*  3A
Manuukith Sivaram 5A*  3A
Sharanja De Zoysa 4A*  5A
Sabeehah Seedat 4A*  5A
Ji Sun Choi 4A*  4A
Mitheshi Rambukwella 4A*  4A
Won Jae Choi 4A*  3A
Malik Hameed 4A*  3A
Avisha Amalean 3A*  5A
Nikolina-Menik Tute 1A*  6A
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