In the Senior School Debating Club, members learn to speak confidently and persuasively on any topic to convince an audience of their proposition through the force of their argument, the depth of their supporting evidence and the style of their delivery. Both the Middle and Senior School Inter House Debating Competitions are impromptu, emphasizing the importance of students being able to think on their feet and developing independent ideas without always depending on the internet for research. We organize and are invited to debating competitions with many of the National Schools in Colombo.

We send a large delegation to the annual Colombo Model United Nations, which is attended by hundreds of students both from Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries. Students gain invaluable insight into how diplomacy works as well as learning more about major issues facing the world and practising their debating skills. Several of our students have also been chosen to chair committees. We have also started participating in the newer Sri Lanka Model United Nations and rapidly established ourselves as key players at the conference, with a large number of our students having important roles in the organising committee.

We encourage all students throughout the school to read student and adult newspapers to keep up with their General Knowledge. We have inter House Quizzes and also send our teams for Inter School Quizzes.