Whizzbang Day

WhizzBang Day was back this year at the Junior School with lots of new games and activities to inspire the students’ interest in Science and how things work. Events in the ‘Wonderpark’ in the morning included taking a walk through a ‘Nature Tunnel’, creating tornadoes in bottles and finding out ‘What’s Under the Microscope’.

In ‘Making Music with Water’, they filled different sized bottles with varied amounts of water before ‘playing’ the bottles with a knife to see how the pitch of the sound made by the bottle was affected by its size and the amount of water contained within it. They learned that the more water within the bottle, the greater the vibrating mass, so the lower the pitch.

Activities continued through the morning with a focus on scientific enquiries. The children made and flew their own model planes, designed marble runs, created their own insect, put together a Solar System, looked at how craters are formed, experimented with forces and designed buildings to withstand earthquakes!

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