The annual Senior School concert is always one of the most keenly anticipated events of the year and this year’s show was another original, exciting and spectacular production,
which the reviewer from The Nation called ‘the best school concert I have ever seen’.

The imaginative concept of portraying different sports through dance posed a real challenge for the students who were responsible for the choreography but they rose to the task and produced some innovative and electrifying routines. Among the many highlights were the stunning opening Basketball dance, the shadow boxing with its mirrored lighting and the hugely entertaining cricket routine with baila dancers accompanied by a live pappara band and spontaneous audience participation.

It was the final concert for Shevangi Sadesh Kumar, Dilroshini Karunaratne and Ravini Sirilal whose brilliant dancing has played a large role in the success of the concerts for several years, from their brilliant Charleston in Revolve to their lead roles in this year’s performance. Dilroshini and Shevangi were also key members of the team who choreographed the dances and supervised other aspects of the production, along with Khyla Muzni and Amar Riyaz.

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