Congratulations to all our students who have won University Scholarships based on their outstanding academic performances.

Sabrina Ghouse was offered full scholarships by universities including Harvard, Princeton and Chicago and has now just started at Harvard. Naslam Basheer and Jameel Ur Rahman have both been awarded full scholarships to Hong Kong University, the top ranked university in Asia, to study Biomedical and Electrical Engineering respectively, and will be starting their courses soon. Naslam had earlier been invited to attend a workshop in Hong Kong with Professor Malik Peiris, the world-famous virologist who isolated the SARS virus.

Well done as well to Ahmed Ikram, who has also won a scholarship to Hong Kong University to study Economics; Nadeera Wickramasinghe, who has been given a full scholarship to the newly opened Abu Dhabi campus of New York University to study Biomedical Engineering; and Hanako Itsubo, who was awarded one of only 20 full scholarships to the University of Osaka in Japan to study Biological Sciences.

Four students are about to begin courses in the UK, including Amelia Ball at Durham and Sanduni Jinasena at Edinburgh. We also wish the best of luck to all our other former pupils who are about to start university in countries ranging from Australia to France.

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