University Places

Congratulations to all our students who have been offered places at top world universities for next academic year.

Nine of the current Upper 6th have been offered places at leading universities in the UK, including UCL, LSE, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and Warwick, which are all ranked in the top 50 universities in the world.  In addition, three of last year’s class have already accepted confirmed places.  Arts courses are especially popular this year.  Three students are planning to study Law: Mira Gunawansa, who hopes to go to Warwick; Yasmin Hannan, who has an offer from Manchester; and Emily Hayward at Sussex.  Ashfath Ifham has accepted an offer from the London School of Economics to study Economics and Governance, Saira Meyler for PPE at Leeds and Tripti Mathews for Geography at Durham.  Katie Renker will also become our first ever student to study Music.

Many of our students continue to receive scholarships to enable them to attend top universities.  In the US, this includes Urshella Hisham, our 6th student at Harvard in 9 years, and Takaharu Higuchi, who will be going to Denison University, a leading liberal arts college.  Maahir Ur Rahman has been given a full scholarship at NYU Abu Dhabi, becoming our 8th scholar there in only 5 years.  Hong Kong remains a popular choice for our students as well.  Rakulan Sothinanan and Dulanga Jaywardene have both been offered full scholarships to study Engineering: Rakulan at HKU and Dulanga at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Dulanga will be joined at CUHK by Seonju Lee.

As ever, our students will be travelling all over the world.  Three of last year’s class have already started courses in Australia, while Ahmed Nomani will study Biomedical Engineering at McGill University, the top rated university in Canada, ranked 24th in the world.

Winning a place at a top university fulfills a life-long dream for all our students, but no one’s story is as heart-warming as Xingyi Wu’s.  Xingyi’s ambition has always been to go to university in Japan, due to her interest in the country and its culture, and she even learnt Japanese on her own to make this dream possible.  She has now been offered a place at Kyushu, one of Japan’s National Seven universities.

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