UN Day

It has never been more important to learn about different cultures and build bridges between different countries than it is today.  This year, there are children at the Junior School from 21 countries on 5 continents, enabling our students to learn more about the world every time they come to school and talk to their friends.  This wonderful diversity was celebrated in one of the school’s best ever UN Days.

As ever, students and parents were treated to a wonderful array of national costumes and dress in the parade of nations, and, later, to delicious food from all over the world.  Despite being the only student representing Ukraine, Matvey Spencer’s superb Cossack dance was an audience favourite.  This year’s stand-out performance, though, was a brilliant routine by the Sri Lankan students, led by Avlok Wignaraja as the Sri Lankan lion.  Another highlight was a special surprise performance from some of the parents, representing famous people from their countries from Gandhi to Henry VIII, culminating in the entry of our own Sri Lankan hero, Tillakaratne Dilshan.

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