The Spirit of Christmas at the Junior School

Each year, the Junior School students give presents at Christmas to children less fortunate than them. Every Junior School student is asked to use their own pocket money or some money they have raised by doing chores to buy a school bag with some stationery for a selected child.

This year they chose to give the presents to the Ratmalana School for the Deaf and the Blind. The school was established in 1912, at a time when children who were either hearing or sight impaired were neglected and marginalised and did not have the opportunity to gain an education. The school helps the children to learn to communicate with others so they can become more independent and live satisfying, happy lives. Some students from the school came to Assembly at the Junior School and sang a song on stage, which touched all those lucky enough to hear it.

The Junior School also sells tickets for its Christmas Concert every year and gives the proceeds to charity. This year the money will be given to Meth Sewa Foundation in Handapanagala, Weherayaya. This charity helps mentally and physically handicapped children who are either orphans or whose parents cannot afford to give their children the care, food and medicine they need.

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