The Canterville Ghost

The SeniorSchoolput on a Middle School play for the first time this year, an original adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic short story The Canterville Ghost. The extremely high standard of the acting was testimony to the talent that exists in the Middle School and the ability of young actors to rise to any challenge given to them. Johanna Renker clearly enjoyed playing the ghost and her tremendous sense of fun set the tone for the whole performance. Raiish Fathulla, Akash Gnanam and Jayhan Haputantri were brilliant as the triplets, enlivening all the scenes they were in with their energy and mischievous humour, while Tripti Mathews’ sonorous voice added depth to her performance and made her a very convincing big sister. Rachel Hayward also shone as the careworn housekeeper, who seemed more at home with the ghost than her new employers.

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