Our Prefects were invited by Sri Lanka Unites to organise and host their Colombo Conference at Park Street Mews on October 20th. The conference was the finale of the Sri Lanka Unites Road Trip 2012, which had seen a team of 25 volunteers from all over the country visit 20 districts of Sri Lanka in 20 days, including one of our Head Prefects from last year, Avishka Mendis.

The Prefects had worked very hard to encourage a wide selection of local and international schools to come to the conference, and over 300 Prefects from 25 schools attended, along with many of their Principals. Sri Lanka Unites were extremely grateful and said it was their most successful event, leading to lots of schools registering to join the organisation. Organising the conference also enabled lots of our own students to attend and they really stood out in the team-building games that formed the main part of the event, taking lead roles in their groups and volunteering to speak about the lessons they had learned from the activities. The event also gave our students who attended the Sri Lanka Unites conference in Jaffna in August a chance to meet many of the friends they had made in Jaffna.

In November a group of thirteen students also visited the school we have been partnered with by Sri Lanka Unites, Wenransanpura Vidyalaya, Kanthale in Trincomalee District. As well as spending time with the students from the school, they went with them to visit their homes and identified ways in which both we can help them and they can help themselves, such as installing solar lighting in houses without electricity. Our students were also invited by the Principal to speak to the students about the benefits of education and encouraged more of them to apply to university after finishing school. We shall also ensure that the school’s Prefects join our Prefects at the next Sri Lanka Unites Conference, to be held in Galle in August 2013.

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