Congratulations to all our students who won awards at the 2013 Edexcel High Achievers’ Awards Ceremony held on 25th November at BMICH.

Shamira Ghouse won the coveted award for the best overall A Level results in Sri Lanka, the most prestigious trophy of the night. At Founders’ Day earlier in the year we said that she ‘never makes mistakes’ and she proved this by achieving a remarkable average of over 98% across 27 different papers in her four A Level subjects. She was also one of only eleven students in Sri Lanka to gain 4 A* grades. This is the third consecutive year (and fourth year out of five) that our students have won the award for the best results in Sri Lanka at either IGCSE or A Level. Indeed, the award for the highest average mark in Sri Lanka has only been awarded for the last two years and we have won an award in both years, after Khyla Muzni won the award for the best average at IGCSE last year.

A record seven students won awards for their IGCSE results, six of them gaining 8 or more A* grades. This included Jananan Mithrakumar and Sanush Nukshan, whose 10 A* grades were bettered by only one student in Sri Lankathis year.

Our students also won three IGCSE World Prizes for marks that were both the highest in Sri Lanka and among the top ten in the world. Jananan Mithrakumar won for both Geography and ICT and Keshawa Wijeyawardena for English Language, the fifth time one of our students has won the World Prize in English in recent years. Particular credit should go to Jananan, whose ICT mark was the highest in the whole world.

The school also won a Bronze Award for coming third in the new Community Awards, which is welcome recognition of the impact our programmes at both class and school level have had in Colombo, Kanthale and Hanwella.

Best Results in Sri Lanka

Shamira Ghouse Best A Level Results, 2013 (Highest Average)

World Prizes

Jananan Mithrakumar ICT 93% (1st in world)
Geography 89% (4th in world)
Keshawa Wijeyawardena English Language 96% (5th in world)

A Level

Shamira Ghouse 4 A*


Jananan Mithrakumar 10 A*
Sanush Nukshan 10 A*
Nathasha Bogoda 9 A*
Kusala Molligoda 8 A*
Kathleen Renker 8 A*
Sachin Shashidharan 8 A*
Shahid Fazlee 7 A*

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