Record SAT Scores

This year we have organised classes in school for students taking SAT exams for the first time. The SAT comprises three sections: Critical Reading, Maths and Writing. Students receive a mark out of 800 for each section, making a total maximum score of 2400. SAT is the first step in the admissions process for students applying to American universities and is also required by NYU, Abu Dhabi and the National University of Singapore. Top universities like Harvard and MIT expect a total score of about 2100 or above.

Although our students have always scored well on the test, which is similar to IGCSE in standard, we decided that having classes in school would help students maximise their scores. This has proven to be the case with all the students scoring outstanding marks, including:

Jananan Mithrakumar


(including 800 in Writing)

Ifadha Sifar


(including 800 in Critical Reading)

Steffan Paul


Ryan De Silva


(including 800 in Maths)

This places them all among the top 2% of all students taking the tests. Jananan’s score puts him in the top 0.2%.

Students may also be required to take the more challenging SAT Subject Tests. As these tests are more similar to what students learn at A Level, our students have always done very well on these, such as Gwang Hoon Lee who scored 800 in both Mathematics I and II last year. Ryan De Silva is the only student to have sat the SAT Subject Tests so far this year, scoring an outstanding 800 in Maths and 780 in Physics.

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