Record Number of A* Grades at A Level

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Another year of outstanding results saw our students again achieve record grades. At A Level, sixteen students earned at least one A* grade, making 24 in total, comfortably beating our previous record. Over 18% of all papers were graded A*, which is more than twice as good as the UK average of 8.2%. The A* grade is designed to identify the very top students and is a passport to top universities around the world: for almost half the class to have earned an A* is outstanding. In addition, two students – Gwang Hoon Lee and Khyla Muzni – scored 100% in Maths. This brilliant achievement will jointly earn them the World Prize from Edexcel.

At IGCSE, over 45% of papers were graded A*, compared to the UK average of 7% at GCSE. For the second year in a row, this is better than in 2012, when our results were identified as the 3rd best of any international school in the world. Among many high achievers, Nidula Athulathmudali scored 96% in English Language and Urshella Hisham 97% in Maths.

At A Level, a record fourteen students gained 3 or more A grades, all including at least one A*. Gwang Hoon Lee and Khyla Muzni both gained 3A* grades with an overall average of over 95% across their four subjects.

Gwang Hoon Lee 3 A* 1 A
Khyla Muzni 3 A* 1 A
Zainab Adamaly 2 A* 2 A
Elangeeran Rasalingam 2 A* 2 A
Naomali Gunaratne 2 A* 1 A
Sarah Haputantri 2 A* 1 A
Lishan Manawadu 1 A* 3 A
Amjad Azmeer 1 A* 2 A
Sagara Bogoda 1 A* 2 A
Ji Young Choi 1 A* 2 A
Amber Nomani 1 A* 2 A
Hana Rajap 1 A* 2 A
Vinu Samarasekera 1 A* 2 A
Ahmed Zayan Shahid 1 A* 2 A

At IGCSE, fifteen students gained 7 or more A grades, which is another record. Six of these achieved 8 or more A* grades, equalling the record set last year, and will earn them Edexcel Awards.

Ines Anuncibay 10 A*
Urshella Hisham 9 A* 1 A
Nidula Athulathmudali 8 A* 2 A
Ashfath Ifham 8 A* 2 A
Ahmed Nomani 8 A* 1 A
Nicholas Manuelpillai 8 A*
Mira Gunawansa 6 A* 4 A
Takaharu Higuchi 6 A* 2 A
Tripti Mathews 6 A* 2 A
Lu u Lua Mohamed 6 A* 2 A
Alya Ali Rasheed 5 A* 3 A
Nicola Wijeyarathna 5 A* 3 A
Anya Law 5 A* 2 A
Sandul Aponso 4 A* 6 A
Andrea Tulaar 4 A* 2 A

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