Congratulations to all our exam students on their superb results in last summer’s public examinations.

At A Level, almost half of all papers were graded A* or A, and 72% A* – B. Out of 29 students, an astonishing 20 students gained an A grade in at least one of their subjects. Of these, 9 students gained 3 or more A grades, including two with an outstanding 4 A* grades:

Zacky Muzni 4 A*
Nimesha Perera 4 A*
Gimhani Weerakkody 2 A* 2 A
Nushkia Chamba 2 A* 1 A
Nafeesa Hamza 1 A* 3A
Adharshan Ganeshalingam 1 A* 2A
Imran Sobir 3 A
Tarini Wijesekera 3 A

Across their four subjects, Nimesha averaged 97%, including 99% in Physics, and Zacky averaged 96%.

At IGCSE, almost 75% of papers were graded A* or A, and well over 90% A* – B, which are outstanding results which compare with the very top schools worldwide. Eleven students gained 7 or more A or A* grades, with five obtaining at least 7 A* grades:

Khyla Muzni 10 A*
Amber Nomani 9 A* 4 A
Vinu Samarasekera 9 A* 1 A
Zainab Adamaly 9 A*
Hana Rajap 7 A* 3 A
Ifaz Fahim 6 A* 2 A
Sandesh Mendis 5 A* 4 A
Isha Ibrahim 5 A* 3 A

Both Khyla and Zainab achieved an average of over 90%. Gwang Hoon Lee scored 99% in Maths, Kathleen Renker 98% in Art and Khyla 98% in History.

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