Maths Day

Maths Day was held at the SeniorSchoolon Saturday 2nd February. It was an opportunity for students to find out more about the beauty of Mathematics and why its applications are so important. It allowed numbers to escape from the pages of textbooks and come alive in the world around us. There were scale 3D models of modern architectural feats, presentations on topics such as the 4th dimension, demonstrations of figures like the hexaflexagon, and displays on the history of Mathematics, highlighting the conceptual brilliance of the Arabic numerals we use today, such as the significance of the number zero. The Maths Department also printed a magazine Sigma with articles on a wide range of mathematical topics by students from every class.

The day was also about showing how Mathematics can be fun and the long queues for all the games were testament to the success of this, as students grappled with mathematical puzzles, tested their mental arithmetic and did sudokus using photos of their Maths teachers in place of numbers.

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