Jack and his Amazing Multi-Coloured Beanstalk

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The Junior School put on another fun-filled and highly entertaining play at the Russian Cultural Centre at the start of March.  Hussain Jafferjee starred as the intellectually challenged hero, who tries to save his family by selling their talking cow, brilliantly played by Pippa Fox in an equally brilliant costume, for some magic beans.  The beans, of course, grow into a beanstalk that takes him to the castle of the scary (Scottish) giant to try to find the elusive goose that lays golden eggs.  Vishuan Ravi Chandran was hilarious as the evil Baron Smug, along with his henchmen Kutt and Thrusst, while Avlok Wignaraja had the audience in fits of laugher whenever he set foot on stage as the vet, with his livewire performance.  Special mention should be made of Uma Sandrasagra who was again superb as the post-modern narrator and held the whole play together.  The biggest cheer of the night, however, was rightly reserved for the beanstalk itself when it made its dramatic appearance!

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