Internship Programme

Many of our senior students have again taken advantage of the long holiday to do work experience, as part of our internship programme, in areas relevant to the university courses they intend to apply for.

Zainab Adamaly and Vinu Samarasekera worked for one month at Stax Inc., a global strategy consulting firm based in Boston that has an office in Colombo. They did research on a project aiming to launch 1000 start-ups in Sri Lanka by 2022.

As in previous years, several of our students who want to be doctors arranged to shadow surgeons. Sarah Haputantri and Khyla Muzni shadowed Dr. Nalaka Gunawansa for two weeks. As well as observing his clinics, they were given the opportunity to scrub in for several operations, including a kidney transplant and an amputation. Naomali Gunaratne, Kusala Molligoda and Amra Naeem also shadowed a vascular surgeon, Dr. S.D. Rajamanthri at the National Hospital, for one week and were able to observe every aspect of his weekly routine, from clinics and ward rounds to surgeries.

Moving from humans to animals, Chiharu Higuchi, Parami Peiris and Loushanie Ranatunga worked at Dehiwala Zoo. They were responsible for feeding the animals, cleaning their enclosures and studying their behaviour. They also assisted at the animal hospital, including watching port-mortem examinations of a sloth bear and nilgai.

Gwang Hoon Lee and Lishan Manawadu worked in the Physics Department of Colombo University under Professor Jayanetti. They helped some PhD research on the sensitivity of copper oxide semi-conductors to different gases.

In the Maldives, Amr Shamun had the opportunity to work in the office of the Attorney-General. He observed hearings in the Supreme Court and was responsible for translating parliamentary bills from Dhivehi into English.

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