Last year, we introduced a new internship programme, aimed at both current and past students during their university holidays. As well as helping our current students gain the work experience they need to help their application stand out when they apply to university, the programme is also designed to help students make contacts with companies they may be interested in working for after they graduate. Internship opportunities were arranged with a wide range of companies covering almost all fields that our students are interested in pursuing.

Among those who took advantage of these opportunities over the summer were Hishma Hafeez and Yohann Sequeira who worked for four weeks at Stax Inc., a global strategy consulting firm based in Boston that has an office in Colombo. Hishma and Yohann were given a real project to work on and their research led their client to make a major investment in Sri Lanka.

Several of our students who want to be doctors had placements in hospitals or shadowing doctors. Among these were Shamira Ghouse and Manoj Thogesan who spent two weeks shadowing Dr. Nalaka Gunawansa, a Consultant Vascular and Transplant surgeon who was one of the team that conducted the first ever successful liver transplant in Sri Lanka. They observed numerous surgeries at several hospitals including a vascular bypass for the leg, neck dissection and Arterio-venous fistula, and were even able to scrub in and assist in one operation. Manoj then worked for one week at a Help Age eye hospital in Wellawatte and for a further week at an Ayurvedic clinic in Vavuniya. Sonali Silva also interned in the Children’s Ward of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital, where she learnt more about techniques like radiology and chemotherapy and also spent time in the wards playing with the children.

Sonali says ‘it was one of the best experiences of my life and it made me more appreciative of what I have’.

Meanwhile Nafla Ali Firag went back to her old school in the Maldives to teach a Form 3 History class for four weeks.  She says ‘It helped me to be sure that I want to major in History at university, and go on to become a History teacher in the future.’  Also in Malé, Lubana Shah worked in the Forensic Directorate, taking fingerprints and DNA samples at crime scenes and analysing them in the laboratory, even helping to catch a murderer.
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