Inter House Drama is always one of the highlights of the year at the Senior School. The students take full responsibility for every aspect of the production and the experience of working together during rehearsals fosters a wonderful sense of teamwork in the houses. With Form 5 and Upper 6th taking their exams, almost half the remaining students in school have a speaking part, giving opportunities both to younger students and those that have never acted on stage before.

This year the houses performed different episodes from the classic comedy Mind Your Language. The raucous comedy and the chance to play different nationalities brought out the best in the students, while the actors’ clear enjoyment of their roles brought all the productions to life.

There were several hilarious portrayals of Ali Nadim and Tarō Nagazumi, in particular, with some of the students in the latter role reliving their own travails in our EFL class. Judges Marsh Dodanwela and Rajinda Jayasinghe praised the high standard of the acting, in particular the ease with which students impersonated the different accents and the way all the actors stayed in character throughout the performance.

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