Good Values Initiative

Elizabeth Moir School has had a long association with the Foundation of Goodness.  Form 3 students have visited its centre in Seenigama for several years, combining Community Service with their study of the 2004 tsunami and the impact of aid in Geography.  In 2015, the Prefects organised a fashion show, Fusion Fashion, to raise money for a series of workshops on design at the foundation.

This year, the Foundation of Goodness has chosen our Lower 6th class to pilot a new ‘Good Values Initiative’, based on the principle ‘what we have, you must have too’.  It hopes to extend this programme to other schools in the future.  Kushil Gunasekera, the founder of the Foundation of Goodness, has led a series of workshops in school with the aim of encouraging students to care for others and help the under-privileged.  The students have been asked to maintain a diary of their actions that have been inspired by the programme.

The class also raised Rs. 217,000 to support the foundation’s Essential School Supply Packs programme, which has helped over 20,000 children since 1999, some of whom would have been unable to go to school otherwise.  The money the students raised financed packs for 66 children, each including a school bag, stationery, a lunch box, a shoe voucher, uniform material and books.  The students visited Seenigama at the end of November to hand over the money, as well as toys, clothes and sports equipment they had collected for another project, to be distributed to children all over the island.  They also entertained the children at the centre, which led to Kharesma Ravichandran discovering that her fanbase already extended down South when she sang her hit song Kadhal Cricket.

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