Geography Trips


As ever, our Geography students have been travelling all over the island to visit locations relevant to what they are studying in class. At the start of term, our Lower 6th class visited Kelaniya to speak to people who have built illegally near the Kelani river and are exposed to flooding to find out about the impact of flooding and possible solutions to the problems. They later investigated the eviction of residents of dwellings in Narahenpita Road before interviewing people in a new government housing scheme in Dematagoda that houses some of the people evicted to discover their views about their relocation. Both Form 2 and Form 4 have been studying weather this term so went on a joint trip to the Meteorological Department where they examined the different instruments used and witnessed the launch of the weather balloon. Both classes will go on further trips next term to conduct fieldwork: Form 2 on coasts and Form 4 on rivers. Form 2 will also study the impact of tourism while in Galle. As part of their study of industry, Form 1 visited the Kist factory in Katana this term to study its impact on the local area and on the environment. Form 3 students have studied natural hazards and their impact, international development and aid this year. They went to the Foundation of Goodness in Seenigama to research the impact of the tsunami and the effectiveness of development projects. Although we follow a British curriculum, we teach case studies from Sri Lanka and the surrounding area as far as possible, so that what our students learn seems relevant to their lives and they have the opportunity to visit and find out more about the beautiful island they live in.

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