As ever, this term, our Geography students have travelled all over the country on field trips, taking advantage of Sri Lanka’s wonderful geographical diversity. Form 2 students were given a wonderful opportunity to visit Samanalawewa Hydropower Station with its 110m high dam and see how renewable energy is created in Sri Lanka. Form 3 visited the model village managed by the Foundation of Goodness in Seenigama, a project to rehabilitate victims of the December 2004 tsunami, as part of their study of tectonics, the impact of natural disasters, and the role of aid in international development. They helped to clean the beach there and also distributed stationery to some of the tsunami victims and played games with them. Both Form 1 and the 6th Form, meanwhile, visited Kelaniya. Form 1 conducted field sketches and environmental quality surveys of the area as part of their unit on ‘Connecting People and Places’ while the 6th Form investigated the impact of flooding on the area, as part of their course on ‘Extreme Weather’, by interviewing people in the local community and studying the area’s topography.

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