Fusion Fashion

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For their main project of the year, the Lower 6th Prefects decided to organize a fashion show to raise money for the Foundation of Goodness. They aim to organise a series of workshops on design for some of the 30,000 rural Sri Lankans that the Foundation of Goodness works with, to give talented artists and designers from under-privileged areas the opportunity to make a living from their creative skills. The school has enjoyed a close relationship with the Foundation of Goodness for several years, with Form 3 visiting the foundation in Seenigama each year.

Fusion Fashion took place at Park Street Mews on Saturday 25th April. The name highlighted the blend of traditional and contemporary styles and the way the school’s cultural diversity was reflected in the designs. The show featured four principal lines: Acushla, designed by Sonalie Dharmawardene, Linen and Life by Ramona Pulle, Glitterati by Latika Alok, and Salvage. It also provided a platform for eight student designers to display their own creations. The models were all Form 4 and Lower 6th students who had been trained by past Moir students, Natasha Jayasuriya and Stephanie Siriwardena, a former Miss Sri Lanka.

Chief Guest Ajai Vir Singh, the creator of Colombo Fashion Week, spoke about how pleased he was to see careers in Design being promoted by the school, and student designers being given an opportunity to display their work. Other guests included Kushil Gunasekera, the founder of the Foundation of Goodness, and Yehali Sangakkara and her children, on behalf of her husband, a leading supporter of the charity.

The show could, indeed, have graced Colombo Fashion Week, so professional was the slick presentation and production. This was all due to the hard work and commitment of the Prefects, who had come up with the idea, planned the entire show and led rehearsals.

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