Founders’ Day

Elizabeth Moir School’s 19th Founders’ Day Prize Giving began with a superb medley by our Junior Choir. In her speech, Mrs. Moir focused on the achievements of some of our students whose lives have been transformed by receiving scholarships from the school. This anticipated the award of the first MAST Scholarship, organised by alumni who want others to benefit from the same opportunities they had. The evening closed with a stunning routine by the Senior Choir, showing why it has established such a brilliant reputation in Colombo this year.

Congratulations to the new Head Prefects appointed for 2015-2016:

Captain of School Urshella Hisham
Senior School Head Prefects Takaharu Higuchi
Ashfath Ifham
Junior School Head Prefect Umaama Hussain
Junior School Deputy Head Prefect Ricardo Seneviratne

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