We have been partnered with Wenransanpura Vidyalaya, Kanthale in Trincomalee District by the Sri Lanka Unites organisation. Our students visited the school for the first time at the end of February, taking with them four computers and a large number of books for their Library. On arrival, they were greeted by the school’s marching band, who escorted them into the school premises, where the ‘street drama’ team performed for them. They were then taken on a tour, visiting the different classes, speaking to the students and seeing their work. The children’s parents had provided a special breakfast for their guests of kiribath and lunu miris, eaten off a lotus leaf, along with halape and bananas, and then made lunch too. At morning Assembly, Avishka Mendis spoke on behalf of our school and encouraged the students to read the English books we were donating, before playing some songs on the guitar for the whole school to sing along to, as our students led some impromptu dancing. Our students were overwhelmed by the welcome they received and the generosity of their hosts. It was a memorable day for the students of Kanthale too, with the Korean members of our group and the new school bus generating particular excitement! Our students all learned a lot from the visit. They were impressed, in particular, by how the school made the best possible use of their limited resources, from growing gotu kola and other vegetables on the school grounds to recycling all their waste. We expect this to be the beginning of an ongoing relationship between the two schools and look forward to further visits in the future.

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