Each year, all the classes at the Senior School organize their own Community Service project. This year the students have raised money through bake sales, car washes, sports competitions and other activities, and used this money to purchase much-needed resources for the orphanages and homes for the disabled they have chosen to support. It is the opportunity to interact with the children and residents of the homes when they visit which the students enjoy most. As well as providing a special day for their guests, our students discover a lot about themselves and learn to appreciate how fortunate they are to have the opportunities they do.

The Junior School have also raised money for various charities throughout the year and, in the final week of term, the Junior School Prefects organized a mufti day and raffle to raise money to buy a wheelchair for a family in need. This was the Junior Prefects’ own initiative and the prizes were donated by the Head Prefect, Sean Sanderson. The total amount collected was Rs. 57,500, and the excess funds will be donated to a home in Vavuniya.

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