Big Apple

Big Apple generated such excitement that tickets for both performances sold out well in advance. The packed houses were treated to an extravaganza of music and dance that showcased all the varied musical traditions of New York, from Broadway to Hip-Hop. The Daily Mirror reviewer said that ‘It was stunning and I had to remind myself that these were school children performing’.

Two Upper 6th students, Francesca Mudannayake and Amar Riyaz, were responsible for all the spectacular original choreography. The contrast between the grace and elegance of Francesca’s contemporary dances and the energy and excitement of Amar’s Hip-Hop routines was one of the highlights of the show. This made it especially unfortunate that Amar, who had done so much to put the show together, was unable to take part because of illness. Special credit must go to Aron Rahim who stood in for Amar at the last minute and learnt all the challenging moves in just a couple of days, so that the show could go ahead.

Another highlight was the superb singing, both from the soloists and the Choir, which had all the audience buzzing. This showed the impact of new Music Director Sureka Amerasinghe and we can all look forward to more brilliant performances from the Choir in the years to come.

It was also the final concert for four Upper 6th students – Zainab Adamaly, Riquaza Badurdeen, Khyla Muzni and Loushanie Ranatunga – who have all taken part in the concert in each of their seven years at the Senior School, something that few students have ever achieved before. They had all also shone as performers at the Junior School, where they had their first opportunities on stage. We thank them, Francesca and Amar for their huge contribution to the success of both Big Apple and all the concerts they have taken part in.

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