Best Results in Sri Lanka for 4th Consecutive Year


Congratulations to Khyla Muzni for winning the prestigious award for the Best A Level Results in Sri Lanka at the 2014 Edexcel High Achievers’ Awards Ceremony, the final prize of the night. This is the fourth consecutive year (and fifth year out of six) that our students have won the award for the best results in Sri Lanka at either IGCSE or A Level. The award for the best results based on the highest average mark was introduced in 2012 and our students have won each year: Khyla at IGCSE in 2012 and A Level this year, and Shamira Ghouse at A Level in 2013.

Khyla’s award capped an outstanding evening for the school that saw our students win sixteen prizes, including seven World Prizes. This year’s record-breaking A Level results led to our students carrying off an astonishing six A Level awards. Both Khyla and Gwang Hoon Lee won World Prizes for obtaining the top mark in Sri Lanka, as well as winning awards for gaining three A* grades. In Mathematics, they shared the World Prize, having both obtained 600/600, and Khyla also won the Biology prize. In both subjects, the marks were not only the highest mark in Sri Lanka, but also the highest in the entire world, which is amazing.

At IGCSE, a record six students won awards for gaining 8 or more A* grades. This included Ines Anuncibay, whose 10 A* grades were bettered by only one student in Sri Lanka this year. Our students also won four World Prizes, two of which were again the highest in the entire world. Nidula Athulathmudali won the award for English Language. This is the third year consecutive year one of our students has won this award, and the sixth time in the past ten years, which is testimony to the extremely high standards of English in the school. Urshella Hisham also won for ICT, the second year in a row we have won this award, while Ines Anuncibay won the award for Spanish and Vishmi Marasinghe for Sinhala. It is wonderful that a school that is as multicultural as ours can win the World Prize for Sinhala and this reflects the high priority given to Sinhala within the school.

Our Senior Choir was invited to perform at the ceremony as well, after its acclaimed performance at the Royal College Festival of Choirs earlier in the term. Their brilliant renditions of Handel’s Lascia ch’io pianga and When You Believe by Stephen Schwartz were greatly appreciated by the whole audience.


Best Results in Sri Lanka
Khyla Muzni Best A Level Results, 2014 (Highest Average)

Grade Awards
Gwang Hoon Lee 3 A*
Khyla Muzni 3 A*

World Prizes
Khyla Muzni Biology 99% (1st in world)
Mathematics 100% (1st in world)
Gwang Hoon Lee Mathematics 100% (1st in world)


Grade Awards
Ines Anuncibay 10 A*
Urshella Hisham 9 A*
Nidula Athulathmudali 8 A*
Ashfath Ifham 8 A*
Ahmed Nomani 8 A*
Nicholas Manuelpillai 8 A*

World Prizes
Ines Anuncibay Spanish 98% (3rd in world)
Nidula Athulathmudali English Language 96% (3rd in world)
Urshella Hisham ICT 92% (1st in world)
Vishmi Marasinghe Sinhala 83% (1st in world)

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