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Every two years, the Junior School celebrates Sinhala and Tamil New Year so that all the students can enjoy and learn about the traditions of this national festival. This year, the parents organised a wonderful Assembly, teaching the children about all the time-honoured customs, from the significance of the koha bird to lighting the oil-lamp, boiling a pot of milk (signifying prosperity) and cooking the first meal of the New Year. They emphasised the importance of the family, which has a direct bearing on peace and harmony between all communities. The mothers also performed some beautiful dances, while the fathers joined in a hilarious Avurudu ‘Kumaraya’ and ‘Kumari’ contest.

After the Assembly, the children played games such as Gudu, Kana Muttiya (smashing a pot with a stick blindfolded), Kotta Pora (pillow fighting), playing the Rabana (drum), climbing the pole, obstacle races and pin the eye on the elephant. They also enjoyed traditional Avurudu food such as kokis and kevum, which was set up in a Kopi Kade. All in all, it was a bright, happy, colourful, fun, educational and memorable day for everyone at the Junior School.

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