The opening of My World Through the Looking Glass, the annual Art Exhibition, took place on Tuesday 14th May at the Lionel Wendt Gallery, with Subha Tidball as the Chief Guest. Students interpreted the theme in many different ways, from observations of the world around them, to work focusing on the nature of perception and how it can distort reality, to fantasy scenes inspired by Alice in Wonderland. This inspired a wide range of exciting and innovative ideas and projects from both Junior and Senior Schools.

Among the highlights from the Junior School were Reception’s ‘Who’s Hiding in the Jungle’ and Junior 3’s ‘Tree of Life’. A lot of the work was surprisingly avant-garde for such young artists, from Junior 1’s paintings based on Marc Chagall’s I and the Village to Junior 2’s ‘Concrete Jungle’ influenced by the American pop artist James Rizzi. There was plenty of variety on offer from the Senior School too, including painted glass bottles and clay models. The technical skill of the drawing and painting impressed everyone who came to the exhibition, with the brilliant work done by the IGCSE Art classes again standing out.

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