The Senior School’s production of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit at the Lionel Wendt theatre in February was one of the most successful school plays of recent years. Anticipation was heightened by the video trailer the cast produced, which was broadcast on MTV, with three of the cast also being interviewed on Good Morning Sri Lanka. Tight security kept the identity of the murderer secret even after the first night, so there was an audible gasp from a packed house on the Saturday when Ajay Gnanam emerged as the killer at the end of the play, after faking his own death earlier. Other memorable performances came from Katie Renker, who began the play as a cheerful and independent secretary and ended it almost knocking down the set in her desperation to escape the murderer; and Wasim Riyaz, whose lack of ‘class’ was reflected in his terrible moustache and outrageous clothes that attracted laughs whenever he stepped on stage. It was also the last school play for Aaron Tull Dare and Tariq Ur Rahman, who have had main roles in countless productions and will be greatly missed next year.

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