Alice in Pantoland

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For their school play this year, the Junior School performed a very entertaining version of Alice in Wonderland, with a few Sri Lankan twists added in – such as the Duchess going to have her hair done at Ramani Fernando Salon. It was a fun-filled feast as all the characters desperately tried to keep the Red Queen happy, and thus their heads attached to their shoulders, by capturing the Jammerwocky who had stolen all the Queen’s favourite jam. There were star turns from Malak Naseem as Alice and Eleanora Deemer as Susie. Sanuth Gunasekera was a hilarious Duchess, Leonid Mylvaganam a despicably cunning knave and Yumna Hussain a suitably terrifying Queen. All the audience also enjoyed the entertaining double act of Ricardo Seneviratne and Hussain Jafferjee as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Even if the superb Azim Ifham as the White Rabbit always had the wrong panto, the Junior School showed that Alice in Pantoland was certainly the right panto.

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