47% A* at IGCSE

Congratulations to all our exam students on their superb results in last summer’s public examinations.

At A Level, almost half of all papers were graded A* or A. Ten students gained 3 or more A grades, including eight with 4 A grades. Shamira Ghouse achieved 4 A* grades with an average of 98%, including over 99% in Physics.

Shamira Ghouse 4 A*
Maduni Wickramasinghe 2 A* 2 A
Dilroshini Karunaratne 1 A* 3 A
Shevangi Sadesh Kumar 1 A* 3 A
Yohann Sequeira 4 A
Manoj Thogesan 4 A
Thulitha Wanigasinghe 4 A
Nayasheen Waseem 4 A
Rahul Jordashe 3 A
Ravini Sirilal 3 A 1 B

At IGCSE, a record 47% of papers were graded A*, and well over 90% A* – B. Fourteen students gained 7 or more A grades, with seven obtaining at least 7 A* grades to earn them Edexcel awards. After the previous class had achieved the third best results of any international school in the world, for this year’s class to have done even better is a superb achievement.

Jananan Mithrakumar 10 A* 1 A
Sanush Nukshan 10 A*
Nathasha Bogoda 9 A* 1 A
Kusala Molligoda 8 A* 2 A
Kathleen Renker 8 A* 2 A
Sachin Shashidharan 8 A*
Shahid Fazlee 7 A* 1 A
Keshawa Wijeyawardena 6 A* 3 A
Kanishka Jayawickrama 6 A* 1 A
Dinushi Mudalige 6 A* 1 A
Asma Reza 5 A* 3 A
Senitha Wanigasinghe 5 A* 4 A
Aron Rahim 4 A* 5 A
Sashini Jinasena 1 A* 8 A

Jananan achieved an overall average of 90% and Sanush 87%. Jananan scored 98% in Maths and 97% in Chemistry and Keshawa 96% in English Language.

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