1001 Arabian Nights

This year’s JuniorSchoolplay was an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza with an international cast of characters, spectacular costumes, plenty of audience participation and, as always, lots of great jokes. Based on characters from the 1001 Arabian Nights, it was given a Sri Lankan (and Scottish) twist, from Celtic fans celebrating a victory overBarcelona (it was a fairly tale after all…) to the evil vizier’s plans to take over the world, starting withMountLavinia. The experienced duo of Anuk Dissanayake and Noah Le Berre brought their innate gift for comedy to the central roles of the brothers Ali Barber and Singbad (sic), and Kaayvya Gnanam played the dual role of Bob / Princess Bobastasia with characteristic aplomb. Paloma McDeigan-Lee was scarily convincing as the overbearing matriarch Dame Barber while Ishra Ibrahim was a fantastic baddie and hilarious dancer.

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