Yes, Elizabeth Moir School is the only international school in Sri Lanka to be owned and run by British nationals.

Class sizes have strict limits to ensure that each child receives the individual attention they need. At the Junior School, Early Learners has a maximum of 12 students and no class is allowed to go above 22 students. All classes up to and including Junior 1 have 2 teachers. At the Senior School, classes are split in many subjects and the limit for any class is 24 students.

We take students’ educational background into consideration when we mark entrance tests and assess students based on what they do know, not what they do not. As an international school, we are used to helping students adjust to our style of teaching and assessment if they have come from a different system.

Although it is always better for students to join at the start of the academic year in August, we recognise that this is not always possible. Teachers are used to students joining during a school year and will give them whatever help they need to catch up, even modifying end-of-term exams if required.

There are induction sessions for both the students and parents of the Early Learners class in the week before the academic year starts. A third teacher is also employed for the first month to help children settle quickly and easily.

Yes, we have excellent EFL programmes in both sections of the school. For more information, please click here. There are separate entrance tests for students entering our EFL programme.

The academic year starts in the last week of August. There are 3 terms in the academic year. To view the calendar for the current school year, please click here.

The Junior and Senior Schools start at 8.10am and 8.20am respectively.

The safety of the children entrusted to us is our first priority. Both the Junior and Senior Schools have gates which are permanently supervised by security guards and well-practised emergency drills. There are regular First Aid courses for staff from both schools run by St. John’s Ambulance.