University Guidance

University entrance becomes more competitive and more complicated each year, with more choices available to students but more variability in the quality of the courses offered. Mrs. Moir has thirty years’ experience sending pupils to the best universities worldwide so students can rely on her advice to help them select the right course and university. The school’s recommendations are valued so much by top universities that several have asked us to nominate students for scholarships on an annual basis.

There is a full-time Universities Co-ordinator who is always available to ensure that students receive the latest information and are guided through every step of the application process. A good application is as important as good grades in gaining admission to top universities and expert advice makes all the difference. Past students have attended universities in the USA, Britain, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Korea so the school knows how the admissions procedure works in each country and what the top universities are. We also ensure that students required to attend an interview are exceptionally well-prepared, staging mock-interviews and providing detailed feedback.

We appreciate that university fees are hugely expensive for all parents and leave no stone unturned helping students find the financial aid they need to go to the university of their dreams. Students continue to benefit from this support even after they leave the school, some even returning for advice on their postgraduate applications.

Our students go to the traditional bastions of academic excellence – such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial in the UK, and Harvard and other Ivy League colleges in the USA – but increasing numbers are also choosing to go to the emerging intellectual powerhouses of the future, such as Hong Kong University and the National University of Singapore. Even though Harvard only normally admits one Sri Lankan student per year, five of our students have won full scholarships there in the past eight years.