Student Progress

The progress of each student at Elizabeth Moir School is monitored very carefully. Small class sizes help teachers identify if the effort of individual students is diminishing and this is often enough to prevent students working below their potential. There is tremendous co-operation between all teachers in both schools, with regular meetings scheduled to discuss the progress of all the students in a class. If there are concerns about certain individuals, strategies are implemented to address a potential problem.

Children are motivated to work hard by frequent rewards for good work. Students receive grades for both effort and attainment on a regular basis from Junior 1 upwards and certificates are awarded to students on a weekly basis to commend them for good work, effort or improvement, as well as for good behaviour.

Elizabeth Moir School is committed to involving parents in their child’s education and giving them regular updates on their child’s progress in school. In addition to Reports and Open Days, Class Teachers will be in regular communication with parents throughout the year and parents can meet teachers at any time by appointment.


Parents receive detailed reports at the end of each term with individually written personal comments from all the relevant Subject Teachers, their Class Teacher and the Head of School.

Open Days

Open Days are held in both schools each term on Saturday mornings to enable parents to meet their child’s Class Teacher and Subject Teachers and discuss their progress.

Parents’ Evenings

At the start of each academic year, all Junior School parents are invited to listen to class and subject teachers explain what they will be teaching that year. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to find out what their children will be studying, ask questions and familiarise themselves with Junior School staff.

Towards the end of the academic year, Junior 5 parents and students are invited to a Transition Evening at the Senior School. Here, members of Junior 5 are introduced to their teachers for the following year and are given the opportunity to learn a little bit more about life at the Senior School.

At the Senior School, there are annual meetings for students and parents from Form 3 about the students’ IGCSE Choices and from Form 5 about their A Level Choices, where they are given more information about the courses and what factors to consider when choosing their subjects. There is also a University Choices Evening for Lower 6th students and parents to advise them on the important decisions they will have to make.