Learning Support

Elizabeth Moir School is committed to giving all students the support they need to cope with academic classes and to individually tailoring the curriculum for each student, so that everyone can move at their own pace.


With so many countries represented in our school, it is not expected that English will be every student’s first language. English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes are provided at both schools for students whose English is not proficient when they enter school. Students normally become fluent in English extremely fast and are soon able to join mainstream classes.

Curriculum Support

There are Curriculum Support classes in both schools for students who are struggling in a particular subject or have missed work having joined the school midway through a school year, and for EFL students.

At the Junior School, students in this programme study English and/or Mathematics in the Curriculum Support unit and all other subjects with their classes, where they receive modified work. The unit is run by two teachers and the head of this unit has many years’ experience at our school. At the Senior School, classes are arranged in students’ free periods with a team of specialist subject teachers on hand to help students in any area they are struggling with.