Senior School


In the Senior School, classrooms are subject-specific and contain resources relevant to the field, from displays to 6th Form Reference Libraries. All classrooms have computers, internet connections and multimedia facilities, including projectors where needed for teachers to use the most up to date videos and presentations. Even the layout of students' desks reflects the approach of the individual teacher, from horseshoe shapes to enable whole-class discussion to clusters to facilitate groupwork. Each student at the Senior School is also given a locker to store personal belongings.


At the Senior School, the Library serves as both a reading room and a place for students to study. It subscribes to several local and international newspapers and periodicals and has encyclopaedias and a wide range of reference material relevant to all the subjects taught in the school, as well as computers for students to research on the internet. It also has a well-stocked fiction lending library based on recommended books for students of different ages. In addition, there are 6th Form Reference Libraries maintained by different departments, with books and periodicals related to the A Level syllabuses.

Science Labs

On the ground floor of the main teaching block, 'The Barn', there are four large purpose-built Science Laboratories for Chemistry, Biology, Physics and General Science. They are fully equipped for A Level practical classes, including an oscilloscope, photometer, respirometer, light gates, ripple tanks and Boyle's Law apparatus. Experiments could range from dissecting a heart or eye to distillation, titration or synthesis of an azo dye. Each laboratory has separate teaching and practical areas to ensure that practical demonstrations and experiments can be incorporated into every class, not only set practical lessons.

Computer Rooms

There is a large and fully-equipped Computer Room, which is available for use by teachers of all subjects and for students to work independently, as well as for ICT classes. It contains the latest hardware and software for applications from desktop publishing and web design to film and sound editing, graphics and animation.

Junior School


The Library has a warm and welcoming environment to promote children's love of reading and contains both the latest age-appropriate fiction and extensive reference material on the topics studied by the students. Every student is helped to choose books to borrow every week and Early Learners to KG1 are given a special 'Book Bag' so that taking books home becomes a special event. The Library was recently given a new look and is regularly restocked with new publications, often personally chosen by the Head of the Junior School, based on recommendations from educational specialists.

ICT Room

The ICT room has a broadband internet connection and the latest LED monitors and is fully equipped to cater for the needs of all classes. While the younger classes can engage in online activities to help them develop key skills in English and Mathematics, older students focus on software such as the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Movie Maker. Junior 4 and 5 also learn basic programming skills with PC Logo.

Science Room

There is a separate Science Room, which students can visit, that holds many resources to help keep the children fascinated in the subject. As well as an incubator with enough room to hatch 16 eggs, there is a water turbine, stethoscopes, interactive models of the solar system, sphygmomanometers (for measuring pressure), generators and a partial skeleton.


In the Junior School, each year has their own classroom, which is their home in school. All academic subjects, including Science, are taught in this classroom. The classrooms all provide a fun, lively and visually stimulating environment in which to learn, with colourful furniture and posters. Frequently updated displays of the students' work encourage them to take pride in what they do and its presentation.