Beyond the Curriculum

The Curriculum is just the starting-point of our students’ education, not a limit to their ambitions. We encourage all students to pursue their interests further through independent reading and research, and provide a wealth of reference material in both Junior and Senior School Libraries, including international newspapers and periodicals.

Students’ interest in current events and the world around them is aroused from their first years in the Junior School by the weekly “Junior Whizz” questions for children in KG2 and above. By the time they reach Junior 5, students have weekly Current Affairs quizzes. There is also an annual written General Knowledge quiz.

At the Senior School, a different class presents a summary of the latest news to the rest of the school in a Current Affairs Assembly each week. There are also Theme Weeks each term that focus on important topical issues, the latest developments in the subjects students study or cross-curricular topics. Themes have included Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Sustainable Development, Nuclear Proliferation and The Renaissance. Students also have the opportunity to listen to internationally recognised experts in their fields speak in our Life Studies programme.

The annual Inter House Quiz is always a much anticipated event as the use of lockout buzzers creates considerable tension and excitement. There is also an annual School Quiz taken by every student in the school, allowing the Form 1 students to compete against the Upper 6th

The Senior School also has an active Coding and Robotics Club. Given the major role that technology plays in our lives and the fact that employers are increasingly looking for employees who have coding and computational skills, these clubs provide students with the appropriate stimuli and tools required to develop their skills.