“Moir Ranked Top in the World”

Congratulations to our IGCSE class who have obtained the best IGCSE results of any international school in the world.  This comes the year after our Upper 6th class gained the best ever A Level results by an international school.

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In total, 64% of all papers were graded A*, which is outstanding, and virtually every paper (96%) A* – B.  This means that every student in the class achieved good grades: 38 out of 41 achieved at least one A* grade, and all at least one A grade.

Lady Doris Butterworth, the former Deputy Chair of the Independent Schools Council in the UK, visited the school last term.  Afterwards, she wrote to Mrs. Moir and said: “You and your staff clearly inculcate a ‘love of learning’ which is the first step to academic (and other) success.”

29 students obtained 7 or more A and A*, including an incredible 17 who will win Edexcel awards for 7 or more A* grades.  This includes Aanya Gunwansa with 11 A*, the best ever performance by one of our students, Naveen Kulasinghe with 10 A*, as well as an A at AS Music, and Arpana Giritharan, who also obtained 10 A*.  Six other students all gained 9 A*s: Ali Anwer, Arpana Giritharan, Amjad Hamza, Methin Lokumannage, Piya Rajendra, Anirudh Sathian and Maya Weerasinghe.  No school in Sri Lanka has ever had more students winning Edexcel Awards for 9 or more A* grades than this, despite most having far more candidates.

Our new IGCSE class has a hard act to follow this year, but have already made a great start.  Six students took Art a year early and all six achieved A* grades.

Many of our students scored above 90% in several of their subjects.  Aanya Gunawansa and Piya Rajendra both scored 99% in History, with Aanya also obtaining 95% in English Language; Luke Chung scored 99% in Maths and Shiarah Didi 94% in Art.  We expect several students to be competing for World Prizes, when these are announced later in the term.

Aanya Gunawansa             11 A*

Arpana Giritharan                10 A*

Naveen Kulasingha                        10 A*

Ali Anver                                9 A*  1 A

Methin Lokumannage        9 A*  1 A

Piya Rajendra                       9 A*  1 A

Anirudh Sathian                  9 A*  1 A

Amjad Hamza                       9 A*

Maya Weerasinghe             9 A*

Anjali Mathews                     8 A*  2 A

Syed Abdul Samad             8 A*  2 A

Tharushika Mudalige          8 A*  1 A  1 B

Amaan Kulatunga               8 A*  1 A

Akash Gnanam                    7 A*  2 A  1 B

Chamathka De Silva           7 A*  1 A

Anan Weerasinghe             7 A*  1 A

Tamaia Dandeniya              7 A*  1 A

Arshad Dahlan                     6 A*  4 A

Laisha Fahud                       6 A*  4 A

Bushra Lantra                      6 A*  2 A

Genukssha Sivaram           6 A*  2 A

Areeb Thassim                     5 A*  4 A

Calvin Karunaratne             5 A*  3 A  1 B

Ahamed Saheed                  5 A*  3 A  1 B

Sadia Ashraff                       4 A*  4 A

Luke Chung                         4 A*  4 A

Tiffany Johnpulle                4 A*  4 A

Movin Seneviratne              4 A*  3 A  2 B

Manal Mushtag                    3 A*  6 A

Although unable to match last year’s record results, our A Level class also performed extremely well.  An impressive 33% of papers were marked A or A* and well over 90% A* – C, helping almost all the students to go to their first choice university.  Both Urshella Hisham and Rumaana Yusry achieved an outstanding overall average of 93% across all their 24 papers, with Harvard-bound Urshella scoring 98% in Chemistry.

  School % A*
1 Elizabeth Moir School 63%
2 Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai 61%
3 Harrow International School, Hong Kong 60%
4 The International School Bangalore 55%
5 The English School, Nicosia 46%
  UK Average 6.6%
  UK Independent Schools Average 32.9%
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